A new Silicon Valley type High-Tech Company is brewing in California's Central Valley

A new High-tech company launched its services. It comes out of no where; from the heart of Central Valley.

PORTERVILLE, California Jul 22, 2005 -- When someone mentions the Central Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is farming, and agricultural land. However, with migration from big cities to Central Valley, we now start seeing much more talent relocating here. So now there is a different kind of crop growing in the Central Valley; and it changes the dynamics. It is High-Tech. Hyperbidder is the name of this company(www.hyperbidder.com), and it is an Online Advertising Marketplace created to solve the problem most companies that turns into internet advertising have. Hyperbidder allows advertisers to set their own ad rate by placing a bid to receive higher percentages (frequencies) of an ad space (banner ads) for the placement (exposure) of their banners on a specific web site. The higher the advertiser’s bid amount is for a specific ad space on a specific web site, the more frequently his ad is served on the advertising space of that web site. It is simple, and elegant. “Although it sounds like Ebay of Advertising, it is much more interesting and rewarding than Ebay, as it allows all the hyperbidders (participating advertisers) win. All participating hyperbidders earn a percentage of how frequently their ad will appear on the web site they are bidding for.” says the founder, and Hyper Chief Galip Talegon.

Hyperbidder, after almost eighteen months of development, has launched its services in July. Hyperbidder now serves all advertisers, and publishers (ad sellers) nationwide. With Hyperbidder, businesses of all sizes are capable of locating other complimentary or similar businesses by industry, sub-industry, or by geo-targeting, and place their banner advertising on their web sites. Advertisers easily do that through the Hyperbidder system, and better yet, they get to set their own ad rates oppose to the Publishers setting them. This way, advertisers are allowed to participate in any ad campaign on their own terms and at rates they are willing to pay.

Hyperbidder portal, which was built on Websphere Application server (used for large Enterprise Applications), is very scalable and is able to support 40,000 concurrent users. This is the same application server companies like Ebay, and Charles Shwabbs are using. Privately funded Hyperbidder is currently running its application as a Beta; however, it has already acquired some clients that are happy customers. One of the customers James Ince, the co-owner of Valley Vinyl, Inc. (seller of Croy Vinyl Fence Products, www.valleyvinyl.net) had this to say about Hyperbidder; “I do Online Advertising with Google, and Yahoo, and I receive visitors through them. Unfortunately, most of them are from different states. With Hyperbidder, I am able to get local and targeted visitors to my site, and that is exactly what I need.”

About Hyperbidder:

Hyperbidder empowers the advertisers by letting them determine how much they should pay for an ad space on a specific web site. Ad sellers post their available ad space on Hyperbidder where advertisers find and place a bid to receive placement for their ad media, usually a banner or a button advertisement. Hyperbidder differs when it comes to all known auction sites, such as Ebay, as with Hyperbidder, not just the highest bidder, but also all bidders win when it comes to advertising. Advertisers bid on ad campaigns to receive the higher percentages on the ad rotation to a specific ad campaign. The higher the bid amount, the higher percentage the advertiser’s ad is displayed on the publisher’s (ad seller’s) web site. This way, advertisers determine a specific web site’s real ad value. With Hyperbidder, all available ad space on a given site can be posted for bidding. http://www.hyperbidder.com.

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