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A Win-Win Solution

Fair, effective advertising that pays off!

Hyperbidder is an Intermediary where Advertisers and Publishers meet to buy and sell ad space.


Advertiser Advantages

Advertisers determine the value of the offered ad spaces

Advertisers decide exactly how much each publisher's ad space is worth by placing bids. All advertisers are guaranteed exposure, regardless of their bid amounts. Bidding determines the ad frequency of the advertisements; it does not determine a sole winner of the ad space -- a great improvement over the typical "winner-take-all" online auction. Everyone who bids via Hyperbidder gets their advertisement displayed on the website they want.The higher the advertiser bids for an ad space, the higher percentage from within the ad rotation his banner ad is displayed on that ad space.

Targeted Advertisements

Hyperbidder allows users to search for campaigns by industry or by vertical, ensuring that advertisers are able to reach their target audience. For example, a software company in San Francisco can choose to focus on advertising in the Bay Area, or on technology-related web sites, or both.

Publisher Advantages

Generate new revenue streams

Hyperbidder allows publishers to select previously unused areas of their website and turn it into ad space. It's easy to begin selling space, and even better, it's FREE!

Featured Publishers

The top three publishers with the most advertisers in each industry, sub-industry, city, state, and zip code are considered Featured Publishers. These companies get their company logos and links to their campaigns near the top of the page to increase exposure to potential advertisers. If you wish to gain an edge on the competition, make sure every advertiser knows that you're available through Hyperbidder!

Advertisers and Publishers benefit

Hyperbidder allows advertisers to place more advertisements and, as a result, earn more exposure. Publishers sell more ad space with Hyperbidder and thus increase their revenue. Plus, publishers can use money earned from a campaign towards their own advertisements. Even consumers benefit with Hyperbidder because they are no longer forced to view ads that are not targeted to the topic they are looking for.

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