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Counts on technologies used to target a particular specialized behavior or context (eg. Machine Learning - A.I.)

Inventory Specific

Ads served concentrating in a specific inventory type (eg. Video ads, or banner ads)


Concentrates on a specific topic (eg. Travel)


Focuses on high quality impressions on higher rates that results in higher conversions and better engagement.


Depends on wider reaching impressions with no targeted topics that results in more overall impressions per day.

Hyperbidder Ad Exchange Platform

Hyperbidder is an Online Advertising Exchange Platform that brings together advertisers and publishers. It allows advertisers find the specific publishers, categories, or demographics that best fit their commercial or financial goals, and provides them with a proprietary bidding system powered by Hyperbidder algorithm. With Hyperbidder, any size of advertiser is a winner as their ads are displayed as frequently as their rankings calculated by their bid. The higher the bid, the more frequency their ad media receives. At Hyperbidder, only brand advertisers and brand safe publishers are included to take par. We take careful measures to filter publishers and advertisers to maintain a brand safe platform. Only brand safe publishers and advertisers are allowed to use Hyperbidder.

Publishers earn revenues and exposure

Publishers benefit by reaching more advertisers than they likely could have through other methods. They also have the right to approve or certain advertisements. A publisher can create entirely new revenue streams by letting advertisers reach them through the Hyperbidder platform.

Bid for impressions

Hyperbidder brings together advertisers and publishers largely thanks to its unique proprietary bidding process. Hyperbidder bidding engine allows advertisers to determine the correct worth of ad space on each publisher. Advertisers bid on specific campaign,or targeted audience by a CPM or CPC bid.

New Opportunities

Hyperbidder's self-service technology opens a new world of opportunity to people and companies who were previously unable to advertise or offer ad space online. If you want to increase traffic to your site, improve brand awareness, sell your product or service online, and generate more revenue, start using Hyperbidder today!

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