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Below are some of the Hyperbidder's value propositions for Advertisers

Brand Safe Publishers

At Hyperbidder, our main priority is to add and maintain Brand friendly Publishers in our network for all our advertisers. We were established with three things in mind: Fairness, Transparency and Clean. What do we mean by Fairness? We mean that we would only do to others what we expect others do to us. We always want to be fair to both our advertisers and publishers. With us, what you see is what you get. What we promise to our advertisers is what we give them. It is the same for our publishers. Although, we can never predict and promise what click throughs or CTR we can get for your ad campaigns, we try our best to deliver and serve you. We believe in transparency from day one of our existence. As a matter of fact, we believe we were the first company in advertising sector that had the words "Transparency", "Fairness", and "Real Time Bidding" on its web site with an effort to explain our technology and our philosophy. These words later became the trendy words to be used within the advertising industry.

We believe we invented our technology too early when it was not the right time for the masses. Nowadays, there are multiple ad exchange networks. However, we did not stay put. Instead we continued and still continuing to innovate more advertising solutions that make buying and selling ad space a breeze while introducing new ways that help advertisers achieve their goals faster and more effectively. When we mean clean, we mean clean properties (publishers) that have nothing to do with inappropriate content. We include several steps to prevent any inappropriate publisher to sneak in our exchange. We only accept high standard publishers that are brand friendly. We monitor both publishers that sign up with us as well as ads that run through our exchange. Our priority is to protect both our brand advertisers and brand publishers, and we can only achieve this by monitoring both sides. We have been running a very clean ad exchange and we managed this by being alert at all times. We decline and will keep declining offers, and certain publishers that are not suitable to us and to our brand advertisers. We simply are keen to keep Hyperbidder brand clean.

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Unique Filtering

With our own in house technologies we built along with a few of our third party partners, we are able to offer unique filtering capabilities to our advertisers in order to help them catch the right audience they are seeking at the right time and at the right place. We make sure we continue our ad based innovations so that our brand advertisers keep coming back to use our tools, solutions, and exchange. We are always listening to our brand advertisers while we come up with new solutions that help make their media buying experience much easier. We encourage them to give us a feedback in anything related to advertising, and our solutions so we can always work to better ourselves. We pinpoint and highlight what each of our channels, or publishers can do with real time charts that can be drawn by simply selecting two or more of the demographics. These demographics can include but not limited to age, income level, race, family status, and education.

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Multiple Platforms

As Technology continues to advance, it is only natural that we see convergence of platforms that serve ads to the same audience at different platforms. We, at Hyperbidder, seek to develop not just for today's technology but also for the future technologies. If you want to reach your audience on their computers, mobile, or tablets, then we can deliver your message to them. It is critical to reach your audience where they engage the most. If it is on their mobile or tablet that they spend most of their time, you should also reach them there and not only on their computer. It is vital that they see your message where they feel at home be it a tablet or their mobile phone.

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Real Time Multi Bidding

As our company name would suggest, we founded our company with one premise in mind; to be the ad exchange network where all buyers and sellers meet in a trusted place to do all their media buying and selling. Over time we had to reinvent ourselves as other companies caught up and created real time bidding platforms similar to us. We now offer not only the ability to bid on CPM, but the ability to bid on both CPM and CPC at the same time all in real time.

What advantage does this have for an advertiser? Simple. If an advertiser wants to pay for a CPM, they want to make sure that they get what they pay for. For example, an advertiser wants to pay $6.00 for a CPM on let's say apparel based channel and wants to receive at least three click throughs per CPM for that price. By placing a $4.50 bid on the CPM side, and a $0.50 per CPC, he gets what he wants. Advertiser then only pays $6.00 if there are three click throughs per thousand impressions, and if there is less than that, the advertiser pays the lesser amount.

This is something we have been working with our publishers as well. We always believe; if they do not have good traffic, then they do not deserve the higher pay. This way, we are able to differentiate the tier 1 publishers from tier 2 publishers and pay them accordingly while making a fair and leveled playground for all our brand advertisers. Our in house technology that prevents dublicate click throughs helped us gain full confidence of our brand advertisers. This way, we are confident we are able to offer the best solution to reward our brand advertisers as they do not have to pay extra for traffic that do not deliver results to the satisfaction of our brand advertisers. This solution is also accepted by our publishers as they realize they still get paid for ads viewed and only get paid a premium if only ads served returns click throughs as well. This solution of ours offers both brand advertising and performance based advertising in very affordable rates.

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Analytics & Reporting

We built our technology from scratch and we did not use any third party solutions for any of our core technologies. All our real time bidding, ad serving, monetization, instant demographical real time chart drawing, and all our other technologies were all built through our in house engineers. We give our brand advertisers dynamic and real time analytics and reporting to help them better measure their campaigns' effectiveness and see what is trending through java based dynamically created charts.

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In House Solutions

We believe in innovating everything that is necessary to compliment our core technology in house. We do not outsource and instead we make our engineers our partners. We believe in and value brain power therefore our biggest asset is our team of brains. Through this team of brains, it is only possible to bring innovation and serve the advertising community better. The better the advertising community is served, the better we feel. We take pride in our work and clients' approval means the world to us.

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Minimum Budget

Mostly geared towards our smaller advertisers, direct marketers, our minimum budget campaigns work best for the marketers to test the waters. It is possible with a minimum budget of $1000.00, however these campaigns require pre-payment and an io is not used. Advertisers are also able to allocate their funds into different campaigns any way they desire. This self serve part of our platform is especially valuable for those direct marketers who want to test what campaigns work best for them. Also, the ability to join campaigns by bidding both on the CPM and CPC side especially help saving ad dollars and to get the max out of our bidding platform.

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Flexible Campaigns

Our campaigns are very flexible as you can stop, edit your bid or creative while the campaign is live. There are a lot of options when it comes to adjusting campaign. Our engineers also develop new ideas on how to interact with campaigns to bring the best results to our brand advertisers.

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Additional Incentives

Aside from its real time bidding platform, Hyperbidder also offers budget based savings to its brand advertisers. With higher budget buys, we are able to offer lower CPMs, CPCs, or combination of both on Run On Network and on Run On Vertical Channels. Our platform was built with bidding on both CPM and CPC combined in order to give advertisers a fair and competitive pricing. Our savy brand advertisers continually take advantage of this. When an Advertiser wants to achieve high returns on investments (ROI) or higher than average click throughs (CTR),they turn to Hyperbidder to buy advertising.

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Name Your Price

Our online advertising marketplace lets you name your price for online ad space with a safe and secure bidding process. Now you can advertise on any vertical, channel, or individual targeted websites of any size even if you have an aggressive budget. Bidding starts immediately after your ad is approved, and no matter what the bid amount is, you are guaranteed placement. Of course, the higher you bid, the more frequently your ad is served. Your ad(s) goes live as soon as you place a bid on a campaign. Everything is dynamic and very simple. Simply, upload your creative tag, receive an approval from us, then place your bid and you are done. Your ad is served instantly. You do not have to worry about getting out bidded as everyone wins. How? Simple. The higher your bid is, the more frequently your ad is displayed at that ad space. Our algorithm does all the calculations and serves everyone's ads based on their ranking which is determined by their bid amount. You can even see what others are bidding, where you are placed on campaign's ranking, and percentages your ad receives.

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