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About Us

Giorgio Talegon
Hyperbidder Founder and CEO
Serial Entrepreneur
Founder PayLuft (Biometric Payment System)
Owner JEXOS (Blockchain Project)
Azusa Pacific University (CA, USA)
Two times Dean's List recipient

Sam Weyermann
Hyperbidder Founder and CTO
Former US Department of Defense Engineer (DoD)
Idea Lab Administrator
BYU (Utah, US)
Two times Dean's List recipient

What is Hyperbidder?

Hyperbidder is an online advertising marketplace for media buyers and publishers to buy and sell in a trusted environment. Both buyers and sellers trust our platform to optimize their advertising spending or sell their ad inventory. Our secure and reliable system is capable to deliver billions of ad impressions while monitoring performance, and running RTB campaigns. Hyperbidder offers two different ways to purchase traffic to media buyers either by direct buy or via our RTB platform.

Our Philosophy

To turn ideas into innovations and innovations into technological breakthroughs

We don't count on our financial capital alone. We count on our human capital with cumulative brain power. That is what really feeds our engine.

Our Values

At Hyperbidder, we have core beliefs that carry us through bad times as well as good times. We like to work with good people. We select our advertisers and publishers very carefully. We would not work with them if they have bad intentions or if they are simply bad, or represent bad agendas or groups. No matter how much money they may throw our way, we refuse to accept them or their offers.

Our Employees

We are the same way when it comes to our Hyperbidder family members; our employees. We only invite like minded, hard working, genuinely good people to work with us. We are a private company so we make our own rules. However, we like the way it works here. For us, advertisers and publishers come first. Then it is our employees (our family members). Our main goal is to please all advertisers and publishers that work with us. Even though, it is impossible to please everyone 100% of the time, we really try to do so.

Our Customers

Our customers are very important to us. Although we would like to think of us as a technology company since we work to develop new advertising based solutions everyday, we are a service based company in reality. We exist to serve advertisers and publishers with all their advertising based needs. We take this very seriously and we try to serve them in best possible ways every day.

Our Partners

Our partners are always there for us, and we make sure that they can also trust on us as we are also here for their needs. On many occasions, we find ourselves collaborating with our partners. We do appreciate our partners, and always look forward to partner with them and share new technologies.

Our Locations

Freemont, California is where our main ad farm (servers) are located. California is also where we originally hatched from. We currently also have an office in Switzerland for the European market.

Our Goal

To be the best advertising solutions company in the world.

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California, US Offices
N. American Market

760 Mission Court
Fremont, CA 94539
European Offices
(West, Central & East Europe)
Mühlebachstrasse 32
8024, Zürich

Hatched in Silicon Valley
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